What To Do When Your Land Is Not Selling

What To Do When Your Vacant Land Is Not Selling!

When you sell your land, the process is almost like going to a job interview.  Selling
vacant land involves “MARKETING” and “PRESENTATION”, which is two of the key
factors that determine the outcome.  Although this may sound a bit weird, “MARKETING” and
PRESENTATION”  is a way of life in the world of real estate.  Land buyers in today’s market
expect to find the information that they are looking for in a variety of places (Social Media, Real Estate Magazines, Youtube, Craigslist, Newspapers, etc), and presented to them –many basing their final decisions on it.

If your land is not selling, ask yourself “WHY”? Is it in a good area? Does it have convenientWhy Isn't Your Land Selling?
access? Is your vacant land wooded or cleared? (Wooded land can cost THOUSANDS to clear) Does it have water, sewer and other utilities? If it is just RAW land, you probably need to focus on the benefits of your land. Most land has some truly outstanding features on it.  You should always do your best to highlight the best features of your land, instead of just hoping that the buyer understands what they are.  The ideal way to bring out the best features of your land is to use a professional photographer.  Great visual images bring out the best features in your land, and ensure that they stand out to the buyer.

When a potential buyer first sees your land; the first thing he will see is whether or not his intended home would look good there.  If your land is land is already cleared and well taken care of, he will get a good impression right off the bat. If your land is overgrown, he may immediately pull away.
To give the best impression to the buyer, you should put some thought into how things look.

You should also make sure that the entrance into your land is a positive as well.  The road
or driveway should be in great shape, as well as the drainage on either side.  When the buyer
walks across your land, you should make sure that he knows where the property lines start
and stop. This may require having a updated survey completed (With stakes). Your biggest
goal when showing your land is to ensure that the buyer is pleased.

Keep in mind that it may take some time to sell your vacant land.  These days, vacant land can sit on the market for months (or years)at a time before they actually sell.  Consider reducing the price or simply go back and do what real estate agents do: Market! Market! Market! Eventually you will sell your land – although it may take more time than you initially thought – and you may have to reduce your asking price.

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