Sell Land Fast | We Buy Land

Sell Land Fast | We Buy Land

Sell land fast? How? Where? That is the answer that hundreds of landowners seek every day.

You? You are BLESSED! Selling land fast has never been easier. Why? Because we buy land, we offer fast cash, we pay all closing fees and provide hassle-free transactions. While most real estate investors and agents focus on buying houses, Vacant Land Solutions focuses on buying and holding lots and acres of vacant land.

If you want to sell your land in the fastest, most convenient manner, we want to buy it from you.

F. Bailey

“We tried to sell our land for over 1 year and
2 real estate agents wouldn’t even list it!”
“I talked to Bobby and SOLD our land in less

than 7 days!” F. Bailey

Should I Sell My Land?

There are many reasons people decide that their vacant land has become a burden.  Some wake up one morning and decide, “I need to sell my land fast”. For some reason, known only to them, they no longer need the vacant land, and they would rather have the cash out of the property. For others, who may be on a fixed income, it could be the cost associated with paying increasing property taxes on the vacant land every year. They are just tired of paying property taxes on land they don’t use. Finally, some will sell because it just wouldn’t be cost-effective to keep it, and the value has dropped significantly when the bubble burst in 2008. (Like holding on to a bad stock or timeshare!)

Reasons To Sell

How To Sell Land Fast For Cash?

Vacant Land Solutions has helped many property owners, just like you, with the following vacant land problems:

Do you find annual property taxes or county assessments to be a burden?

Did your retirement plans change and no longer need the property?

Has the market value gone down since you bought the property?

Did you inherit the property and live out of state?

Are there delinquent taxes piling up on the property?

Do you live out of state and find it hard to enjoy your land?

Did you get laid off, behind on bills, get sick, or just need some extra cash?

People trespassing or using your land as a dump site?

“Bad Neighbors” next door?

Any other property issues….

No matter the reason your land is causing you unhappiness, Vacant Land Solutions can help you. We are interested in purchasing your property today for cash!

Houses vs. Vacant Land

Our world has changed! Todays real estate housing market is crazy. While houses typically sell quickly, most vacant land parcels are stagnant and Landowners find it nearly impossible to sell their land. Real Estate agents are reluctant to list your land and have to spend their money to advertise it because they know that 95% of the land listed on the Multiple Listing Service does not sell! You will more than likely have possession of your property for a long time and continue to pay the real estate taxes while you own it.

How We Help You Sell Your Land Fast?

Our primary focus is on serving your immediate cash needs. Vacant Land Solutions strives to provide the best customer service and speedy delivery of your cash. Occasionally there can be delays in title work, property research, unpaid taxes, or paying off outstanding liens if court houses are affected by Covid 19. If so, we will communicate those with you if any delays occur.

Benefits of Working With Us = FAST CASH

We have a proven system for purchasing your property. We will research your vacant land parcel at the county courthouse and will present you with a fair, written cash offer. Once you complete the paperwork and sign the offer, you can return it to us through email, fax, or snail mail via United States Postal Service.

Once we receive the signed purchase agreement, we will open an escrow account, forward the purchase agreement to a real estate closing attorney and arrange a closing date. We take care of all closing costs and traveling so that you don’t have to do anything but sign, return paperwork, and collect your cash.

The attorney will prepare a deed for you to sign and notarize and return. As soon as it is received by the attorney you will receive your cash payment through electronic bank wire or a cashiers check directly from the attorney’s office.

Additional benefits for our customers:

Fast Cash – No listing and hoping it sells or wondering when it will sell. Get your offer today! Sell Land Fast.

Cash Buyers – No worrying if the buyers have good credit or qualify. Cash buyers are faster than banks.

We Pay All Closing Costs – We pay all closing costs, surveys, perc tests, etc. so you can sell land dfast!

We Pay Back Taxes – We even pay back taxes on some of the properties we buy.

We Pay Liens – Sometimes, we will pay liens on the property that were previously incurred.

We Buy Land –  If you need to sell land fast – we are what you are looking for.

We Can Help Ease The Stress – Help You Close This “Chapter” of Your Life

We look forward to serving you and helping you get your land sold!.

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