Property Tax Bills Are Coming!

It’s that time of the year that every land owner hates:

Property Tax Season Is Here Again!


Your local South Carolina tax assessors are
trying to collect every dime they can so you
will be receiving your property tax bill on your
vacant land real soon!

Annual property taxes, Delinquent Tax Auctions
(next month) and tax reassessments ( I have
already been notified on a couple of properties
that the property was going up 250% more!) can
be a big expense and cause a financial burden on
many Seniors living on a fixed income.



Samuel’s” wife of 43 years, “Annie Mae” had inherited a small piece of land from
her mother; when “Annie Mae” passed away last year, “Samuel” had to file probate
on his wife’s estate; when the land was transferred from “Annie Mae” to “Samuel
it was reassessed the property taxes increased from $79 a year to $591 a year!

Property taxes increasing was bad enough but
after “Annie Mae’s” death, “Samuel” had only
one income coming into the household each month!

Annie Mae” had received one of my “Please Tape This Letter To Your Refrigerator
letters asking if she would be interested in selling her vacant land a year or two before
she passed away…but the “timing” just wasn’t right.

Life is all about “TIMING”…isn’t it?

Samuel” had struggled to pay for for the legal fees to settle “Annie Mae’s” estate
and draw up a new deed; he was trying hard to figure out how he was going to pay
MORE taxes with LESS income when he remembered my letter and began searching
thru his tack of old medical bills and paperwork until he came across my name and
telephone number.

Samuel” called me. He told me his “STORY“; we agreed on a price. “Samuel” did
not have to worry about property taxes, surveys, appraisals, perc tests, attorney fees,
closing costs or anything else!

Are You Tired Of Paying Property Taxes On
Vacant Land Miles Away From You?

Find out what I can do for you. Get a Fair, Firm, Written, All Cash offer on your vacant
land today! No obligation.  Call me at 843-564-8438….it doesn’t cost a penny to talk!

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