Land Sold in Charleston, S. C. – Marketwatch Report for January 2019

Land Sold in Charleston, S. C. – Marketwatch Report for January 2019

Landowners thinking about selling their land quickly at a great price might want to take a close look at the recent “Land Sold in Charleston S.C. Marketwatch Report”. I think that you will be really surprised at the numbers (that most real estate agents don’t want you to know.)

Land SoldEach month, I put this Marketwatch Report together, FREE of charge for landowners who may be considering selling their vacant land because selling a piece of land can be one of the biggest emotional and/or financial transaction of your life …and most people enter into this transaction blindly and make mistakes that may cost them tens of thousands of dollars in fees, commissions, permits, surveys, and closing costs. Most First-time land owners, who have never sold land before, and   yes, even Realtors want information… they have concerns….they want answers!

In January 2019, the residential land segment of the Charleston, SC real estate market has been reasonably average, in spite of the economy.

There have been 2,263 land owners attempting to sell their land on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

88 parcels of land sold (4% of the property listed) ACTUALLY sold…. which means 96% of the land listed DID NOT SELL!

Prices ranged from $2,000 (Ruffin, S.C.) to $3,610,000 (Mount Pleasant, SC)

A couple of things that potential land sellers should be aware of if they want to get their land sold:

Land Sold* Competition – You are competing with 2,263
other sellers for the same pool of land buyers…
what are you going to do differently to catch the
buyers eye?

*  Time – Historically, land takes much longer to
sell than a house would because there is just a
smaller market for land buyers.  One of the
parcels of land sold last month had been on the
market for 1,765 days (almost 5 years).

Time is money! Are you prepared to wait months or years to sell your land? 

*  Money – Speaking of money, the asking price that you ask for your land will have a big effect on how quickly it sells. Most properties DO NOT sell for 100% of the asking/listing price. Buyers are fickle. They are smart enough to find out what the “Days on the Market” is and make their offer accordingly. Then there is the cost of commissions, fees, closing costs that eat up even more of your money.

Is there any other options available for land sellers that is less  competitive, faster and can save money?

Land SoldYes – I am a serious buyer interested in buying your land!  ’

If your land qualifies, I will provide you with a fair, firm written offer. I’ll explain everything to you in plain, everyday English. And I’ll be 100% direct and honest with you…from start to finish.

If we come to an agreement, we can close in just a few days. We’ll handle all the paperwork and make all the arrangements. Land SOLD!

No Fees. No Commissions. No Hassles. I Pay All Closing Costs.

I can help you avoid the competition with other land sellers, save you time, money, and stress.

Does Your Land Qualify?

Does your land meet my requirements? Call me at 843-564-8438 and let’s find out. I buy all types of land and I’ll quickly determine if your land fits my program. If I don’t end up buying your land, I’ll be happy to share my marketing ideas or advice on what you might try next. You still have all your other options available. You have nothing to lose by calling me first.

Do you want your land sold or do you want it listed and “hope” it will sell?

“Hope” is not a good plan!

Call me today 843-564-8438.

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