How To Sell Your South Carolina Land In 7 Days Or Less!

How To Sell Your South Carolina Land In 7 Days Or Less!

Trying to sell your South Carolina land can be a real nightmare or a hassle at the very least!  But after reading this  one web page,  you may very well have a qualified buyer in the next 7 days or less. And just who is that buyer? That’s us! Sell Your Vacant Land Fast. While we can’t promise we’ll buy your land in the next 7 days, we can tell you that we’re constantly looking for and buying vacant land in areas just like yours.

We’re not Realtors and we’re not associated with any real estate agency. We are real estate investors that are more than qualified to buy your land and very interested in doing just that.

Does This Sound Familiar?

People who’ve never tried to sell their land themselves just don’t seem to understand all that’s involved in the process:  The details, the time, the waiting, the ads that never seem to make the phone ring, having strangers and their children just show up and start walking around your property (and the neighbors because they don’t know where the property line is!)…  Strangers who feel obligated to pick apart the most trivial features of your land and haggle over price.

You must also be good at determining if you have a qualified buyer or just another “tire-kicker” as well as understanding the other areas of the business such as opening the title, the loan process, earnest money, perc tests, disclosure statements, surveys, appraisals, flood zones, title commitments, title insurance, and a host of other requirements that are required to close the sale. Any misunderstanding or problem in any of these areas could scare off a potential buyer, causing you to have to start the process all over again.

More often than not, many of these people will walk across your land, smile, ask lots of questions, and seem really interested, but are then never to be heard from again. During this whole time, you must keep your land neat and cut, so that if someone wants to see your land, it is ready to be shown . You may also need to make repairs to the drive or possibly clear wooded areas, because most of today’s land buyers want everything in perfect, move-in condition before they give you their hard-earned money. You’ve probably heard the saying “Champagne taste and a beer pocketbook.” This is exactly what you are likely to encounter as you attempt to sell your land.

As you can see, selling your house could easily become a bigger hassle than you ever thought possible… in fact, it can easily turn into your worst nightmare!

As we said before, we are not Realtors. We are real estate investors and we know what landowners go through when they try to sell their land. You may still be in the “thinking about it” stage.  Maybe you’ve tried listing your land with an agent or maybe you haven’t decided you’re ready to go that route yet.

While it can’t hurt to list with a real estate agent or broker, by the same token, do they ever seem to have the same “feel” for your land as you do? After all, if you had a computer sitting in your office loaded with thousands of nice, beautiful parcels of land of all shapes, sizes and price ranges… what kind of real “selling” would you actually do?

Most agents will come out and meet with your, tell you how many pieces of land like yours they have sold, and that they will advertise it in the newspaper and on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), where all licensed Realtors will be able to see that your land is available for sale. Rarely is the agent who “lists” your land the agent who “sells” your land. The commission you pay to sell your land is therefore split between the listing agent and the selling agent.

Many agents specialize in getting listings, placing them in the MLS system, and then just sit back and wait for another agent to sell the land so they can collect their commission. They are not really concerned how long it takes to sell your land as long as someone buys it during the term of the listing agreement, which is usually 6 months to 1 year. And if you think about it, why would an agent with prospective buyers spend most of their time trying to sell your particular land anyway, especially when the MLS system is loaded with thousands of nice, beautiful homes to choose from and they get paid no matter which house they sell? After all, Realtors don’t have any personal liability if your lande sits on the market for an extra month or two. Remember, Realtors don’t have to make your payments, cut your grass or take care of any maintenance. Selling land through a Realtor is a number game, and you become only one of those numbers.

For this very reason, more and more people are going the “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) route: You buy a sign, make some flyers, place an ad in the local paper and wait for the phone to ring. If all goes well, after you’ve talked to several people, rearranged your schedule to show the house many times, called back all the prospects and left messages on their answering machines, someone will finally be interested in drawing up a contract to buy your land. Now what do you do? Do you know how to write up a real estate contract? How to deal with the title companies? Mortgage companies? The closing process? What does the buyer do, what do you do? It’s not as easy as it first seems.

But let’s say you get the contract signed. Now several weeks pass and you haven’t heard a word. You start to think that something is wrong. Financing? But it’s supposed to be the buyer’s job to get a loan, not yours, right? Come to find out, the buyer could not get approved for the loan, the deal falls through and you have to start the process all over again! What a pain.

What if we were sitting at your dining room table right now and we told you that we wanted to buy your land…?

No problem if your land needs surveying, perc tests, etc. No problem with the real estate commissions. No problem with the closing costs, attorney fees, etc.  We can probably wrap up the whole thing within a few days, depending on the circumstances.  Would that make you feel better if that were the case?

We don’t know what your land is zoned for or how much your land is worth, or any of that.  Those details can be handled when we talk.

What we do know… and what you should know, is…

If you call us at 843-564-8438 and give us the facts, we’ll either tell you on the spot we can’t help, or do a little research and get you a fair, firm, written offer.

As real estate investors, we buy and sell properties.   With your land, we’ll probably structure several options, and let you choose the one that best suits your needs.

The purchase price and the terms of our agreement will be sufficient, we guarantee it.  We can immediately take the financial burden of any monthly mortgage payments off your back and also take care of any fix-ups or maintenance, regardless of how minor or how serious.  What’s more, we’ll close when you’re ready.

You see, we’ve found we can make a profit on land that even real estate agents have passed up… because we personally handle the whole process.  When we agree with you to purchase your property… we take it seriously… we treat your land like it’s our own.

Your situation literally becomes our own.  And, frankly, we don’t know how to make it work any other way.

You can get on with your life!

Look, like we said earlier, people sell land for various reasons.  Maybe you are tired of paying property taxes.  Maybe you inherited land that you don’t need. Maybe you own land in the middle of nowhere, miles away from you. Perhaps you have been holding on to a piece of land for years with no concrete plan.

For whatever reason, that land has become something to move beyond.  To sell, to put behind you, so you can get on with the business of living your life.

Granted we don’t know your particular reasons for selling, we do know how to get your land closed as quickly and as professionally as possible.  In fact…

Here’s the game plan to sell your land quickly…We can take care of all the paperwork in about a week.  We simply order the title work and draw up the papers. Then you get a check!

What do we do now?

We know that this is a lot of information to digest at one time, but if you’re still with us at this point, chances are you’re interested in doing whatever it takes to     


If you’re ready to act now or have some immediate questions, ….  You can contact us right away at 843-564-8438.

If you want to try the new, trend-setting alternative to the stale, conventional ways of selling your land, pick up the phone and call us now!  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

As we said before, if we can’t do business, that’s OK.  We buy lots of land and we don’t have to buy your land.  .

Just remember that we don’t want to list your land, we want to buy it!  We specialize in buying land quickly, usually in 7 days or less.  We urge you to let us try.  You have nothing to lose.

Finally – We don’t know how many months you’ve been trying to sell your land (or thinking about selling), but every month you wait is costing you unnecessary expenses, eating up the precious income you work so hard to earn.  Your land is an asset, sell it as an asset.  Don’t let it become a liability, a burden, or a “rope around your neck”.  Even a Dream Land can become a Financial Nightmare.  There’s a very good chance that we can help… call us today!  The phone call will give your more answers… answers that you need.  Don’t procrastinate…  Call  now!               



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