Finding Land Buyers!

Do You Have Vacant Land That You Need To Find Land Buyers For?

Finding Land Buyers Tips!

Finding Land Buyers is the “Answer” if you have vacant land that you need to sell!

Finding Land Buyers” is “THE HOTTEST” topic in my office every week of 2021! Land sellers call or email and ask about finding land buyers; Multiple times a week, real estate agents call me and ask if I know where they can find land buyers. It seems that when the vacant land that the agents have had listed on the Multiple Listing Service is about to expire and they do not want to have to call the land owner back and tell them that they have failed at keeping their promise to sell their land (and the price that they said it was worth was apparently incorrect too) so, they had rather call me and ask if I know where they can find land buyers (so they can get their commission!) 🙂

While there are many people who want to buy real estate with a house already on site, agents and land owners might find a harder time finding someone to buy vacant land. (TRUST ME)

The good news is: there ARE land buyers out there! Keep reading this article for a couple of “insider tips” for finding land buyers for your vacant land.

Tip #1. Know what your land is good for: What can a buyer do with it? For example:

Can the buyer for your land build a house on it for themselves (and their family)? How about a Mobile Home?

Is your vacant land good for farming or hunting, fishing and four wheeling on the weekends?

You might meet land buyers who want to buy the property and hold it until a future point when it can be developed.

Is it in a subdivision, HOA? Do they allow pets, animals, trampolines, overnight truck parking, etc.

Figure out what your land is good for, including what it is zoned for by the city, county or state (if applicable), and use that to help you find the right land buyers for your property.

Find Land Buyers

Tip #2. Price it right; think of yourself as a land buyer

I spoke with a land seller last week who was desperate to find a land buyer; after asking a few questions and doing a little research I discovered that there were 885 other land properties for sale in his county. His asking price put him in the top 5% of the MOST expensive parcels.

So, I asked him, “If you were a land buyer and there are 885 properties in the county to choose from; If I had a piece of land that is one of the most expensive, why would you consider buying mine when you had all these others to choose from?” His answer, “Of course not!”

He didn’t realize that he had that much competition looking to find land buyers! He had not priced his land correctly from the beginning.

Price your land for a quick sale. If you are trying to “squeeze every nickel” you can out of your land, you are looking to find land buyer that is “different” and rare. Be prepared to have to do a lot of marketing to find the right land buyer.

What is it worth? The tax assessor’s “guesstimate” is the first number that land sellers like to throw out. “It is the number we use to determine how much property tax we can charge you,” is the answer that I have gotten from several hundred tax assessor’s offices. Agents like to quote, “It’s listed for $XXXXM” but each month I give examples in my newsletter of actual land sales that are 40%-60% of “Listed” price.

We always look to your local market for answers. That’s why we offer a FREE LAND AUDIT. The market will speak to us and tell us what your land is worth. The question is whether we will listen.

Tip #3. Market To Land Buyers ; market it some more!

Want To Find Land Buyers? It’s kinda like fishing…you have to use “Bait”!

Below is a postcard that was FREE that I used to Find 202 Land Buyers in one month.

If you really, really want to sell your land, somebody has to “market” to find land buyers:
(1) Either you have to market your land yourself (or maybe a spouse; teenagers are good at it; my grandson does a lot of marketing for me!
(2) Hire an agent, who you hope will market your land (most don’t because they get paid more to market a $400k house than your land)
(3) Sell it to me – II Buy Land! (Just couldn’t resist 🙂

Marketing to find land buyers online: Post photo above on Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram, Etc. (Have 50 FREE Classified sites – ask me for list)

Marketing to find land buyers offline: Place postcards at laundry mats, barbershops, libraries, carwashes (anywhere anyone has to sit & wait)

Marketing to find land buyers on telephone: Call mobile home dealers, home builders, contractors (found a builder recently that bought 2 lots)

Marketing to find land buyers in print: Shopper newspapers, church bulletins, newsletters (Don Lapre use to say, “Tiny Classified Ads!)

Marketing to find land buyers with bandit signs: Place them on the land; at the nearest intersections; busiest stoplight. (They work!)

When these land buyers call, answer your phone! Many will not leave a message – don’t ask me why – they just will not!

When you do talk with them, write their names, telephone numbers and other information in a composition book, journal, or some type of log so that you can follow back up with them to see if they have gone to look at the land yet. Get their feedback. To far out? Wanted something cleared?
Hated the neighbors? Keep good notes for future reference.

Hope this Finding Land Buyers Tips have helped. If you have questions about finding land buyers or if you decide that you are tired of trying to find land buyers and would like to sell your vacant land the hassle-free way, I would love to talk with you.

Find Land Buyers -

P.S. If you’d like more tips to find land buyers, places to advertise your land, financing resources, etc. or would like a fair, firm, all cash offer on your vacant land, call us at 843-564-8438. It doesn’t cost a penny to talk!

I appreciate you!

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