Cash Bribes?

Cash Bribes?

ALT= Blatant, Shameless, BribeCash Bribes?” Whoever heard of such a thing?  I realize how busy you are so I will be brief and to the point: In the spirit of being totally transparent – the following is a simple way that you can earn blatant, shameless, cash bribes, help your friends, co-workers, neighbors,  family members….and me!

I have mentioned this a few times before in my newsletter, but some folks still don’t realize that:

I Pay CA$H Bribes For Referrals!

As you may or may not know, advertising and marketing is VERY EXPENSIVE. Instead of paying the newspaper, radio, Google or some other place to advertise that I buy land.

I’d rather pay YOU!

So, the next time that you hear a friend, family member, neighbor, fellow church member, co-worker, or acquaintance say, “I am thinking about selling my land”……CALL ME @ 843-564-8438!  I’ll reward you. For every referral that you give me that becomes a client, I will give you  “Blatant, Shameless, Cash Bribes” (also known as Dollars!)

It’s that simple and frankly. I’d much rather pay you than those greedy advertising media people.

Remember – your referrals can sell their land without expensive fees and commissions. They will receive a firm, fair, all cash written offer for their land. No obligations.

What if….you sent two, three, four referrals and they ALL became clients?

Alt=Blatant, Shameless, BribeThat could add up to a lot of money for you – and here is just how easy it is: just grab yourself a beverage, turn down the television, pick up your telephone and call me at 843-564-8438  and let me know which of your family or friends are thinking about selling. I will follow up with them and as soon as they become a client, we will get your “blatant, shameless, CA$H bribes” to you.

This way, I can grow my business with folks that you recommend…and you will be rewarded (As long as you don’t mind cash bribes:)

Don’t miss this chance to earn some easy cash bribes!

Call me today 843-564-8438 or leave me a message below.

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