14 Mistakes Land Sellers Make

14 Mistakes Land Sellers Make That You Want To Avoid At All Costs! Most people don’t sell land for a living. “How” and “Where” you sell your land is a vital piece in the selling puzzle but ultimately it’s your land and your profit or your loss. The “How” part is normally “do I hire … Continued

Tips For Selling Your Land

Tips For Selling Your Land: Selling land can be a challenge! Although you may want to sell your land – you should make sure that you do it the right way. Unlike other things that you may own, you can never take selling your vacant land lightly.  Historically, land takes much longer to sell than … Continued

Flooding Affects Local Landowners – Are You One Of Them?

Flooding Affects Local Landowners – Are You One Of Them? When a category 5 hurricane approached the South Carolina coast, local officials sent out an emergency warning that the riverbanks would soon overflow, likely flooding nearby homes. They ordered everyone in the coastal villages and towns to evacuate immediately. An old preacher heard the warning … Continued

Who Else Wants To Sell Their South Carolina Land?

Who Else Wants To Sell Their South Carolina Land? If you are like a lot of people, you own some South Carolina land. Maybe you inherited a little piece of South Carolina land from a family member. Maybe you bought your South Carolina land years ago and got a great deal on it thinking that … Continued

Looking To Buy Charleston Land Before Labor Day

  On Monday, September 3rd 2018 in the United States. we celebrate Labor Day; Are you working that day or do you have the day off? Whichever way you spend the day, here are some quotations about work to go with your celebration:   The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.  – Vince … Continued

Do You Own Land That You Inherited?

Have You Inherited Land…That You Don’t Need? Dealing with inherited land can be a confusing and emotional time. Often times there are many family members on title or the land is located out of town. It is never good to have a vacant lot even in the nicest of neighborhoods. Vacant Land Solutions understands your situation and we are here to … Continued